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Travaulya Experience

Fragrance Consultation

Fragrance Consultation

Standard Fragrance Consultations accommodate 1-2 people.
Need to accommodate 3-8 people? Please book a Group Consultation

Elevate your fragrance experience with Travaulya, your dedicated fragrance expert. Book a personalized Fragrance Consultation to unlock the scent or scents that embody your essence. With Travaulya's expertise and passion, discover a signature fragrance that resonates with your unique identity. Let Travaulya guide you on a transformative journey, where each note and nuance is carefully curated for you.

Enhance your self-expression and confidence through the art of fragrance. Travaulya awaits you, ready to curate the perfect scent(s) for your future purchase with her at Nordstrom, VIA Phone, message, email or in-person.

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